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Foot Conditions That May Be Linked to Weight Gain

People who have gained a significant amount of weight may notice their feet have become larger. Many pregnant women notice their feet have increased a half size, and may gradually return to their original size once the baby is born. The excess fat that accumulates in the foot may put pressure on the foot structure, which may cause the arch to become flattened. Additionally, extra weight in the feet may cause the onset of osteoarthritis, which is an indication of the cartilage in the joints wearing away. Many people who are obese experience the painful condition that is known as gout, and this is a result of having an excess of uric acid in the blood. People who have lost a considerable amount of weight may notice their foot pain has been reduced, and it may slow down the development of arthritis. If you are overweight and would like information about how obesity can affect your feet, please consult with a podiatrist, who can help you to find relief.

The more you weigh, the harder your feet must work to support your body. If you’re an obese individual and are concerned about your feet, contact one of our podiatrists from Omega Podiatry. Our doctors can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.

Obesity and Your Feet

People who are overweight are putting more pressure on their ankles, knees, and hips as well as their feet. This unfortunately can lead to variety of different issues.

Problems & Complications Stemming from Obesity

  • When the body is overweight, it tries to compensate by changing the way that it moves. An obese person may lean forward and put extra weight on the wrong part of the foot. This puts unnecessary stress on the feet.
  • Obese people are also more likely to develop type II diabetes which is a condition that causes a lot of foot problems. People with diabetes often don’t feel the cuts and sores that they may have on their feet, which can lead to more complicated and severe issues.
  • Plantar fasciitis is another foot condition that can be caused by obesity. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the tissue along the bottom of the foot, which causes pain and stiffness while walking and climbing stairs.

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